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STUMBLING TOWARDS VICTORY – The Final Year of the Great War

Edited by Martyn Lawrence

This lovely little book, published by the Royal Armouries, is an interesting pictorial presentation of the last year of the Great War and contains a wealth of high quality images, reproduced in evocative sepia tones. To a degree each image in this publication tells its own story, but every picture is supported by an extended caption with a wealth of additional detail. The majority of these images have not been widely published before – if at all. Each one is crystal clear and draws in the reader in an utterly compelling way.

As the national museum of arms, the Royal Armouries is able to bring a unique perspective to its various studies of the Great War, and this is no exception. Most of the images come from the Royal Armouries archival collection, and as such provide us with a powerful visual impression of all aspects of the war, including the home front, the surrender at sea, fighting on the Western Front and war in the air.

Publisher: Royal Armouries

ISBN: 978-0-94809-287-9  Paperback: 128 pages  RRP: £14.99

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