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Book Review: The D-Day Training Pocket Manual 1944


The D-Day Training Pocket Manual 1944

Edited by Chris McNab

THE FIRST of an anticipated rush of books covering Normandy to land in the office pigeon hole, Casemate’s latest pocket manual in the series is out well ahead of the upcoming 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Assembled by Chris McNab, this book combines excerpts from various Allied training manuals, including instructions to troops participating in amphibious landings, glider, and paratroop assaults. The result is a remarkable glimpse of how the Allies geared up for the largest amphibious invasion ever seen.

The manuals, originally produced by The War Office and the US War Department and issued in huge numbers, were an important part in preparing and coordinating the hundreds of thousands of military personal required to complete different roles in relative unison.

Supported by rigorous training, the instructions helped generate success brought about by the effective cooperation of arms, tactics, and command. Such documents are not laboriously difficult to source today but this book brings the information together in one place. Complete with diagrams and images, it delves into areas such as intelligence, naval gunfire and air support and explores the many intricacies of combined operations.

This title does not progress the historiography around Normandy, but is nonetheless a fascinating and accessible window on the preparations made ahead of D-Day. A fine book and well worthy of a read.

Publisher: Casemate UK.   Hardback: 160 pages.  RRP: £8.99.



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