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Photo of the Week


(Royal Australian Navy photo)

This week’s photo was taken during Exercise Kangaroo (K95) in the Indian Ocean in August 1995.

Despite the wintery conditions, replenishment ship HMAS Westralia refuels the guided-missile frigate HMAS Adelaide as they pound through an Indian Ocean swell during the work-up to Exercise Kangaroo 95. At the time K95 was the largest and most complex training operation ever undertaken by the Australian military, and included over 15,000 personnel and ranged over 2.5 million miles (4m kms). It involved much of the nation’s defence assets, long with units from the USA and UK. Westralia served with the Royal Navy as RFA Appleleaf from 1973 until 1989 – it was then sold to the Royal Australian Navy. It was withdrawn in 2006 and scrapped four years later. HMAS Adelaide was on RAN active inventory from 1980 to 2008 – it was disposed of by being sunk off the New South Wales coast in 2011 and is now a dive wreck attraction.

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