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British Pathé

The West Tests Its Defences (Op. Broadside – 1950 Footage)

In this newsreel from British Pathé, the tanks of 7th Armoured Division are locked in battle with the forces of ‘Northland’, during … Read More

Phantoms on HMS Eagle (1969)

In this week’s newsreel from British Pathé, the Phantoms of 700P Naval Air Squadron conduct at sea trials from HMS Eagle. While … Read More

56 Squadron Lightning Aerobatics (1963 Footage)

The much-loved Lightning is the star of this week’s newsreel from British Pathé, as 56 Squadron RAF pilots fly the type in a … Read More

The Army’s Voice No.1 (1953 Footage)

The legendary voice of Regimental Sergeant Major Ronald Brittain MBE is the subject of this newsreel from British Pathé. Said to have … Read More

New Zealand Fighter Squadron (1941 Footage)

This newsreel footage from British Pathé shows the men of No.485 (NZ) Squadron RAF and their Spitfire Mk.IIs. Formed in March 1941, … Read More

Victors on Quick Reaction Alert (1965 Footage)

Victor B.2s based at RAF Wittering are the stars of this British Pathé newsreel, as the camera lifts the lid on a practice Quick Reaction … Read More

British Paratrooper Training (1941 Footage)

In this newsreel presentation from British Pathé, prospective British paratroopers go through their initial fitness and parachute … Read More

Boys Anti-tank Rifle (1940 Footage)/Stop That Tank! (1942 Film)

An interesting weapon is the star of this newsreel from British Pathé, which shows British troops training with their anti-tank rifles … Read More

Churchills Unlimited (1942 Footage)

Churchill tanks are the subject of this fascinating newsreel from British Pathé, as dozens of the ‘go anywhere’ infantry … Read More

FIDO Landings (1945 Footage)

Fog and smog could both be major hazards for Allied aircraft as they operated from British bases, and many were lost as they returned … Read More


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