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Winston Churchill

Tank General’s Home Guard Pike For Display

An improvised pike issued in the earliest days of the later Home Guard is to go on display at the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset. … Read More

Destroyers for Bases (1940 Footage)

This footage from British Pathé shows the moment the first American destroyers arrived in Britain as part of the Destroyers for Bases … Read More

Feature: Waging War Against the Odds

Winston Churchill is viewed by most as the strongman who stood up to Hitler. Yet, as Allen Packwood, BA, MPhil (Cantab), FRHistS – … Read More

British Paratrooper Training (1941 Footage)

In this newsreel presentation from British Pathé, prospective British paratroopers go through their initial fitness and parachute … Read More

Spitfire Squadrons Down Under

More than 75 years ago Spitfire squadrons helped defend Australia from Japanese air attack, as Andrew Thomas describes. On 19 February … Read More

Battle of Britain Week – Overview: So Much Owed

We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be As Prime … Read More

Obliterated – The Blitz On Plymouth

The Blitz on cities such as London and Coventry was directed at the destruction of civilian and industrial centres, but the Germans … Read More

The Search for Churchill’s Secret Army Continues

The summer of 1940 marked some of the darkest days in British history. The BEF had been successfully evacuated from the beaches of … Read More

A Cold War: Churchill’s Falklands Fear

In 1942 the Japanese laid ambitious but largely unknown plans to take the Falkland Islands. here, Steve Taylor makes a fascinating … Read More


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